Medina Albors Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml
Medina Albors Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml
Medina Albors Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Medina Albors Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

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If you like quality gourmet products, here's the Medina Albors extra virgin olive oil 500 ml! A Spanish oil from a family estate with a long history and experience in olive growing and oil production. All processes are taken care of and controlled with the utmost care to obtain the best result: a quality oil with excellent properties and unique taste.

  • Superior class (100% extra virgin olive oil)
  • Oil with a great personality, very stable over time.
  • Selection of the best olives at the time of ripening (veraison)
  • Obtained directly from olives by mechanical processes
  • First cold-pressing and natural decantation filtration
  • Green aromas with a pleasant fruity taste and outstanding positive bitter notes.
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Exclusive olive juice composed of two varieties:
    • 60 % Picual olive (60 year-old olive trees)
    • 40 % Arbequina olive (20-year-old olive trees)
  • Product originating in Valencia (Spain)
  • Presentation in dark glass bottle to protect it from light (500 ml)
  • Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct light

Organoleptic evaluation:

-At a temperature of 23ºC : green aromas of freshly cut grass typical of the Arbequina variety, followed by fruity aromas (banana peel or green apple) characteristic of the Picual variety.

-At a temperature of 30ºC : the aromas are intensified, which demonstrates the high quality of the oil obtained by the technique of harvesting olives at the time of veraison.

-On the palate: round, with no peaks of acidity emerging, slightly spicy and somewhat bitter when swallowed, which gives it a powerful structure that ensures a long life.